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5 Electricity Safety Tips For Your Family

Electricity in the home can make life a lot easier. Yet, all electrical wires and connections in a home need to be handled with caution. People should know about the dangers of electrical hazards. Follow these safety tips when using electricity in your home.

1. Educate Your Family About Electricity Safety

The best thing you can do to ensure that your home is free of electrical hazards is to ensure that everyone in the family has knowledge about electrical safety. If someone in the household engages in dangerous behaviour, sit them down to discuss general safety precautions.

2. Learn to Recognise Signs of Electrical Hazards

It is essential that everyone in your home learns to recognise potential hazards such as damaged power cords, flickering lights, broken wall sockets, sparks, and plugs that don’t fit in the sockets. These issues need to be addressed by employing the services of a qualified electrician as soon as possible to ensure the safety of everyone in the household.

3. Replace Old and Unstable Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances need to be always in good working condition. Old or unstable electrical appliances can lead to a short circuit, someone being electrocuted, and it may even cause a fire to break out. If the electrical appliance is no longer performing its function properly, think about replacing it.

4. Manage Trailing Cords and Exposed Wiring

People can often use appliances in different parts of the house and may need trailing extension cords. Make sure that trailing cords are always secured with insulation and safely place them along a wall or under a carpet to avoid someone from tripping over them.

5. Electrical Appliances Need To Be Stored Safely

Remember to store all your electrical appliances safely so they are not exposed to water. Wall sockets and electrical appliances should not be located near a water supply, such as in the kitchen or in a bathroom. If electrical appliances get water, it could lead to someone being electrocuted and the appliance being damaged beyond repair.

Teach your family the basics about electricity safety, how to plug and unplug things, and when it’s okay to use an appliance. Get in touch with Electrician Frankston for more safety tips.