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How To Become A Casino Slot Technician

The casino floor is populated with hundreds of machines and game tables. Every electronic device and gaming equipment on the floor needs to undergo maintenance from time to time. There are only a few requirements before you can land a job as a casino slot technician.

1. Educational Background

You won’t need a college or university degree to work as a slot technician. Certification and relevant experience in repairing and troubleshooting mechanical or electrical equipment should be sufficient.

For example, Broward Technical Colleges offer a Gaming Technician course online that only takes 270 hours to complete.

2. Maintenance Experience

Casino slot technicians have the skills to ensure that the slot reels keep spinning and that players keep winning.

If you already have a few years of experience in repairing general electrical or mechanical equipment, then you might be on the candidate’s shortlist for the job.

3. Casino Industry Knowledge

If you have previous casino gaming experience, it will come in handy when working on the casino floor. Experienced technicians need to know if someone has tampered with the machine and if it is still in good working condition. Seasoned technicians have learned to recognise people’s tricks as they try to push their luck.

Extensive iGaming experience can teach you all you need about game rules and the relevant gambling terminology. Gaming operators such as BitStarz Casino have many thrilling real money games that will give you guidelines on the types of games and the latest trends in the casino gambling world.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the casino industry, the Computer Repair Technology field is a terrific way to get your foot in the door. Complete a course online to set you on the path to becoming a qualified slot technician.