These podcasts are designed to immerse you in the world of electrical services. Get expert insights into electrical safety and careers and follow the lives of some of the most successful professionals in the industry.

Readers can also follow our story at Electrician Frankston to discover relevant electrician careers and opportunities.

Toolbox for the Trades by ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel

Jackie Aubel hosts exciting interviews with professional electricians in the industry. She gives advice about how independent contractors can grow and sell their electrical services. Get tips on the trade and find out how leading electricians manage their financials and streamline their sales processes. Find out how to improve your services and reputation.

The Home Service Expert by Tommy Mello

Mello streams from Scottsdale. He grew his garage door electrical services company into a multimillion-dollar home services business. Learn about his fascinating journey as he talks to and interviews some of the world’s best electricians and experts in the home services sector. He gives valuable insights and strategies for building a successful career.

Modern Electrician by Doug Powell

This podcast is hosted by the expert electrician and journeyman Doug Powell. He talks about his business With the Lumen Brothers and Frederick Electric Company. He talks to business owners, tradespeople, electricians, and comedians to learn about their success. Get expert advice about electrical engineering and other relevant topics.

Electrician’s Success Podcast by Greg Allan

Greg Allan streams from Perth, Australia. His weekly podcast delivers valuable content about life as an electrician and shares the latest development in the industry. He interviews electrical contractors and experts. He is also the founder of the Academy and Response Electricians. Allan is passionate about the industry and loves talking to people working in it.

The Electrician Podcast by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric brings you closer to the leaders in electricity services and maintenance. Get up-to-date knowledge about starting your career as an independent contractor. Listen to interviews with leading industry experts to deepen your skills and knowledge of your business.

These podcasts can help you to master your craft and grow your business as an independent electrical contractor. Collaborate with others in the industry to learn more.